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The wine-making tradition of Fratelli Moscone traces back to 1877. They own 18 hectares of vineyards in the most outstanding areas of Monforte d’Alba, five of which in the renowned Bussia cru. The peculiar exposure of the vineyards, typical of Monforte d’Alba, reaches the higher expression in the crus of property. Wine-making and fining are performed in two characteristic Langa farms, where tradition and innovation are firmly bounded.

The exclusive balance of elegance and character of Moscone wines comes from both centuries of skilful wine-making techniques knowledge and the newest winery facilities. This is supported by the expertise of Dr. Donato Lanati, esteemed consultant, teacher of Oenological Technology at Turin University and founder of the distinguished research centre called “Enosis Meraviglia”. The classic line was accompanied by a new brand, Moscone Brothers, innovative and appealing line that represents a selection of wines made from indigenous grapes, vinified by winemaker himself, in the area of production of grapes: the tiny beautiful village of Monforte d’Alba.